Unlocking Leadership Excellence: Join the EOS Great Boss Workshop!

Business owners ask me all the time, “Lorie, how I can I get even better at leading, managing, and creating accountability among my team?” While being a great boss should be simple, it’s rarely easy. But it can be easier. With the right tools in your toolbox and the right approach, you can get more done and create the accountable, people-centric environment that people really thrive in. I invite you to attend the EOS Great Boss Workshop! It’s fun, highly interactive and packed with ideas you can implement right away! 

Plus, you’ll learn tools that improve your communication skills, help create clearer expectations, and prepare you to manage common team issues.

About the Workshop

Key Takeaways

● 5 Leadership and 5 Management Practices that will help you be a great leader

● A process and some simple tools that will improve your communication and coaching skills

● How to strengthen relationships with direct reports

● How to create an environment of clear expectations and accountability

Who should attend

● Those who truly desire to be a great leader and manager

● Attendees should have at least a working knowledge of EOS

What's Included

● A full day of professionally delivered content and facilitation in a small group setting with lots of opportunities to interact, share and learn

● All materials, including a copy of the book “How to Be a Great Boss”, will be mailed in advance of the workshop

Upcoming Workshop:

Wednesday, September 4th


Lorie Clements, Owner


EOS Implementer Microsite

[email protected]

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